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Visitor access

If you are a visitor on the website (not logged in) you can select a System from the Documents drop-down and browse through the structure of the Documents you have selected. You can see the titles of all the documents but you will not be able to download any Procedures, Forms or Reference Documents. As a visitor, you will have no access to the Audit Tool.

Creating an account

Click on the Register button, complete the form and save. This creates a Manager account on the website. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Your username cannot be changed after creating your account.

Logging in

Log in to the website using the username and password you entered in the Register process.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Reset password link. Enter the email address you used in the Register process. An email will be sent to this address with instructions on how to reset your password.

Always remember to log out when you have finished using the website.

Adding a new home or service

Log in to the website as a Manager.

Click on Account Dashboard . Click on Add new home/service . Select the System from the drop-down list then enter the Name of the home or service. It is very important you use the correct name and select the correct system. The name of the home or service cannot be edited later. Click the Add button.

Continue to add any additional homes or service you want to manage with this account.

Paying to access document downloads and/or the Audit Tool

To download the documents or access the Audit Tool for the homes or services you have added you must either take out a Direct Debit subscription or arrange payment directly with Required Systems.

Direct Debit subscriptions are processed by our payment gateway GoCardless. GoCardless lets you set up a Direct Debit Mandate (also known as a Direct Debit Instruction) which can then be used to make Direct Debit payments to Required Systems. There is ONE Mandate per account and ONE Direct Debit Payment per home or service. The first time you take out a subscription, you will be taken to the GoCardless website to create the Direct Debit Mandate.

The cost of the subscription is set by Required Systems. If you have an agreed price with Required Systems they will have updated the subscription costs in your Account Dashboard page.

Creating the Direct Debit Mandate (Instruction)

Log in to the website as a Manager.

Click on Account Dashboard . Under the home or service you wish to subscribe for, under Documents or Audit Tool , click on the Subscribe for £XX button.

The first time, you will be taken to the GoCardless website to create the Mandate. Fill in your bank account details and submit. You will receive an email from GoCardless confirming the Mandate. You can download and print a copy of the Mandate by clicking on the View mandate button.

You will also receive an email from GoCardless confirming that the Direct Debit for the amount on the button you clicked has been setup.

Important: If your bank account requires multiple signatories to authorise a Direct Debit, you can select this option on the GoCardless website. You will then be able to download and print a paper mandate which should be signed and returned to GoCardless. Instructions for this will be detailed on the GoCardless website when selecting this option.

Setting up additional Direct Debits

Setting up the Direct Debit for any additional homes or services only involves clicking the Subscribe for £XX button in Account Dashboard – the Mandate being already set up. You will receive confirmation emails from GoCardless for each Direct Debit.

Printing invoices

To view or print invoices, click on Account Dashboard , then click on View payment history . A list of payments will be shown. Click on the date of a payment to view a printable invoice.

Cancelling a Direct Debit

Cancelling a Direct Debit can only be done after the initial period of 1 year has elapsed. After this time, a new button Cancel Direct Debit will appear for the home or service in Account Dashboard. If you cancel a Direct Debit your access to the documents or Audit Tool for that home or service will be terminated. You will receive an email from GoCardless confirming the cancellation of the Direct Debit.

User levels

There are 2 levels of access to the website.

  • Manager – A user, who creates an Account, adds homes or services and sets up the Direct Debit Mandate. A Manager can also create sub-users and assign access to any home or service they manage.
  • Sub-User – A user created by a Manager, who can be given access to homes or services to download documents or access the Audit Tool. A sub-user cannot view or create Direct Debit Mandates and payments, or view or add sub-users.

Managing sub-users

To manage sub-users, click on the Sub-users button on the Account Dashboard page. Access to homes or services can be granted or revoked at any time by selecting or clearing the checkboxes beside each sub-user and clicking Save next to each edited sub-user.

To add a new sub-user, click on the Add new sub-user button. Create a unique username, enter a unique email address and create a password. The sub-user will receive an email confirming they have been registered as a sub-user. The unique email address is also required to allow the sub-user to perform a password reset. You can then assign homes or services as required.

Sub-users can be deleted by clicking Delete User next to the sub-user's details.

Editing your account details

If you need to change your email address, go to the Account Dashboard page and click the Edit button next to your email address. You will need to enter your current password to confirm the change.

To change your password, log out of the website and click on Reset password on the Login page. Enter your email address and click Request . You will receive an email with a link to choose a new password. This link can only be used once and will expire 24 hours after it is requested.

Viewing download logs

To view a list of the documents that have recently been downloaded click on the View recent download activity button on the Account Dashboard page.